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We’re almost there…

Guido is moving to 350 Albright Road.
With your support, the new school is set to open in January 2024!
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Give our students room to grow!

The four years of high school are an incredibly important time.

Do you remember your high school years? Big emotions, big dreams, big challenges, and big questions. In a short burst of time a whole lot of growth takes place.

Guido students at the new building
Grade 9 kids
Guido students
Guido students in a classroom

As a covenant community, we’re committed to support the growth and development of our students.

Helping students grow is what we do. By providing excellent education and affirming their identity in Christ we equip them to serve God and others.

We’ve now outgrown our facility at Crerar Drive.

God has been faithful. By His grace we have grown by leaps and bounds … now we are in need of a new school building!

Old Guido building
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So when the opportunity came up at 350 Albright Road, we leapt at it!

Our Expansion Committee had been at work for five years preparing for the next facility. When this one became available, we brought it to the membership. Following a vote of 87% in favour, we made the purchase!

New building

Hear more about the exciting days ahead for Guido.

Renovations: Check out our progress!

Our New Facility

With more space comes more possibilities.

We are delighted with the many new features this building will offer.

Teacher teaching the students

Give us the additional classroom space we require to provide our growing student population with a place to thrive.

Science, art and theatre

Allow us to reimagine and redesign our science labs as well as our drama, music, and art spaces.


Improve athletic facilities with a renovation of the existing gym and addition of a second full-sized gym.

3 Students

Provide students with more communal space for student club activities and to spend meaningful time together during breaks.


Provide enough room to meet future expansion requirements without needing to build additions or portables.

See Site Plans

Help us land well

Together we need to raise

$16.5 million

to fully fund the new facility.

A place where our students can get to class on time without feeling rushed. Where there is space to gather and deepen relationships. Where existing programs can be enhanced and even more programs are made available. A place full of possibilities, not restrictions.

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See summary of project costs

How will we get there?

Your gift will support the following:

Move in January  2024


Fund immediate facility improvements to get the new school ready for January 2024!

Eliminate the Mortgage

Eliminate the mortgage to keep tuition as affordable as possible.


Build for Future Growth

Renovate the existing gym and build a second full-sized gym.

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Looking for more information?

If you are looking for more information on the “Taking Another Leap Campaign” or if you have questions about donation options, please email


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God's Faithfulness Through the years

This isn't our first leap of faith

We continue to put our trust in the Lord to provide as He has so many times before. 

“Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. And thereby put me to the test, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need.” — Malachi 3:10

Do you remember when…

September 1975

Guido de Brés was established with classes held in the old Central High School building in downtown Hamilton. We had a strong commitment to having our own Canadian Reformed school but we wondered where our permanent home would be.

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October 1, 1977

We officially opened our original building at Stone Church Road East. We knew we would need sacrificial financial support from the community in order to maintain the school.

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April 1995

We launched the “Building in Faith” fundraising campaign and raised $2.5 million to double the space of our school. With excitement at an all-time high, we knew it was only a matter of time for more space to be needed.

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2011 & 2012

An addition was built to increase space and establish dedicated special needs rooms. This allowed us to better serve the educational needs of each and every student. Once again we trusted the Lord to provide the funds for the addition and He richly blessed this leap forward.

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May 30, 2015

We celebrated 40 years of God’s grace to our community. We remembered how the Lord faithfully strengthened us to be able to make the sacrifices needed to see our school continue to grow.

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November 2022

We launched a capital drive campaign to raise funds to purchase and renovate the new school on Albright Road.

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January 2024

God willing, 350 Albright Road is set to open.

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And now we get to do this again.

We know that to help our students thrive we have to keep growing and stretching out into new things ourselves. Each leap has been made with a deep trust in God to provide and an eagerness to give sacrificially.

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